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Tourism Australia’s New VR Campaign


Renowned Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth is the voice of Tourism Australia’s latest ad campaign, “There’s Nothing Like Australia”. The campaign highlights Australia’s coastal and aquatic experiences, with its core message being that Australia is “a place you feel”. Beautifully aligned with our own principles here at Robertson Gardens, we reckon they’ve hit the nail on the head. If you’re yet to see the video, you can watch it via the link below.


Demonstrating some awesome technological application, Tourism Australia will bring the Australian experience to life using virtual reality technology. Potential visitors to our country will be able to fully immerse themselves in the Australian experience like never before. It’s a very exciting use of VR tech, and we’re bound to see its use crop up more and more throughout 2016. Imagine, in the not too distant future, you walk into a travel agency, pick somewhere you’d like to go, put on a piece of headgear, and suddenly it’s like you’re there. It would be the perfect travel teaser. It is such a sci-fi concept that is actually becoming a reality, and this latest campaign from Tourism Australia and Chris Hemsworth certainly teases at its potential. It’s a very exciting prospect for all facets of the industry, and we’re looking forward to delivering on the promises these tourism campaigns provide, because as good as the tech gets, nothing is like the real thing. 😉


Read more – http://www.businessnewsaus.com.au/articles/hemsworth-helps-launch-new-tourism-ad.html