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It’s Time to Smile at a Crocodile!


What was your New Year resolution? Take more risks? Have more fun? Come face to face with a man-eating dinosaur and live to tell the tale? If this sounds like you, perhaps a trip to Darwin is in order! The incredible Crocosaurus Cove, located in the heart of Darwin city, lets you swim with Australia’s iconic salt water crocodile. “Salties”, on average, are 5 metres in length and weigh more than 450kg. Those are just numbers, and while the amazing pictures you can have taken at the Cove may give you a good idea of what you’re in for, to truly these appreciate these magnificent creatures, they really need to be experienced firsthand (from behind a safe barrier, of course).

crocjump smallcroc

If the prospect of staring down that snaggletoothed grin doesn’t excite you, never fear, Darwin has loads to offer potential visitors. Stay at the Quality Advance Apartments (55 Cavenagh Street) and you’ll be anchored right by all the hotspots. Right on your doorstep there are the botanic gardens and local beaches, and if you’re up for a bit of entertainment, you can check out the Darwin Deckchair Cinema; it’s like watching a movie from the comfort and relaxation of your own backyard.


Darwin is situated very close to heaps of estuaries and billabongs, and of course the ocean is never far away. Naturally, there are loads of excellent fishing spots and fishing tours available, or you could just go for a wander and do some sightseeing – you’re likely to even see some wild crocodiles! But don’t get too brave, nature has no safety glass of its own…

darwinfishing2 darwinfishing


Crocosaurus Cove: http://www.crocosauruscove.com/

Fishing Tours: http://www.darwinreddevilcharters.com.au/

Quality Advance Apartments: http://www.advanceapartments.com.au/

Out with the Old


Just like that, Christmas is done and dusted for another year. We can all relax, let the family dramas lie dormant, pack away the tinsel, and carry on. However, as the spirit of giving dies off for a while, its remains give way to another spirit – the spirit of commercial opportunity. That’s right; it’s time for the craziness of January sales.


For us at Robertson Gardens, that means Westfield Garden City. If you’re unfamiliar with Garden City, just imagine a gargantuan shopping centre with just about everything you could possibly want, and right now most of it is cheaper than usual! Here’s a thought: be extremely organised and do NEXT year’s Christmas shopping, or just grab yourself something nice (you probably deserve it). If you’re staying with us at the hotel, it’s only a 5 minute drive straight down Kessels Road, and there’s heaps of parking.

gardencitycinema westfieldgardencity1

Some of you probably just want to stay in, enjoy what little holidays you have left, and work on getting that delicious leftover Christmas ham in your belly. That’s perfectly understandable. However, if you’re not the shopping type, but have been dragged along anyway, don’t worry; there’s a massive food court and an Event Cinema complex to keep you entertained. Who knows, maybe you’ll spy something interesting through a window. Good deals die young, so go grab some bargains before it’s all over!