The Story of the Cinderella Carriage

“Once upon a time…”

It’s the classic intro to every age old fable, and with the latest addition to our wonderful gardens, we’ve captured some of that fairy tale magic.

What started as a wisp of a thought grew and grew, and much like the pumpkin in the original story, this idea blossomed into our very own beautiful, shining, one of a kind, full-sized carriage for all our guests to admire. The only thing we’re missing is our white mice to turn into horses, but seeing as though you wouldn’t want rodents running rampant across your chosen accommodation, that’s probably not a bad thing.


Our fairy-godfathers in this instance were a group of lovely, kind, and dedicated men. The carriage being crafted with amazing care, we’re sure they must’ve sprinkled a little of their own magic dust, fused into each bend of the metal and weld of the joints, as the end result is absolutely enchanting.

Robertson Gardens, with its beautifully landscaped 10 acres of gardens, is a little slice of a magical kingdom in its own right, and the perfect venue for weddings and other events. The carriage is a charming addition to the scenery, and a picture perfect piece for every bride and their handsome prince. Being the old romantics that we are, we believe a bit of the Robertson Gardens magic will stick with every couple who experiences Cinderella’s Carriage.

Like all good fairy tales, there is a moral – only through the kind-hearted, charitable nature and unbridled commitment of all those involved was there ever a chance for such a fantastic production to succeed. It all stems back to the classic saying; if you believe, anything is possible.

“Happily Ever After Starts Here…”




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