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The Guest List:

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Compiling  your guest list is likely to be the hardest part of your wedding planning, but also the most important. Here are a few helpful hints to get you started.  Making a guest list without offending anyone can feel nearly impossible. It can quickly turn into a battlefield of obligations and expectations.  Starting with your budget is a great way to determine how many guests you can have and what kind of wedding you want.

Get started by making a list of the ‘must have’ guests – those people you just couldn’t  imagine your day not being shared with. Divide the remaining numbers into the following categories:

*Bride’s guests

*Grooms guests

*mutual friends

*Bride’s parents Guests

*Groom’s parents guests.

It may help to save tension to give each group a limited number. That way everyone knows how many people they can consider.  Remember if you are focusing on an intimate or family wedding, you possible can reduce your numbers by hot including entire groups, such as work colleagues, plus-ones or children. Limit guests you haven’t seen in more than a year.

4 survival tips:   1.  Consider the logistics. Your venue location will ultimately determine your guest size. Does it offer accommodation for travelling guests? Is it easily accessible?

  1. Compile a ‘Reserve list’ this way if any of your primary guests are unable to attend, you may wish to fill their place with someone else you couldn’t  initially afford to invite.
  2. work together when compiling the guest list and remember to be considerate of the parents wishes. (especially if they’re footing some or all of the bill)
  3. Don’t forget, you can’t please everyone all the time.. stay cool and remember that your special day is just that – super special. Don’t get caught up in a brawl planning.




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