Who ever heard of a grand garden gnome?


At Robertson Gardens, we pride ourselves not only on our guest service and accommodation, but on the fantastic functions, conferences and events we are able to provide. As a show of appreciation, each year many of our clients are invited to attend a thank-you luncheon, and each year we try to put our own unique twist on the event – instead of awkward nibbles and small-talk with people you don’t know, we create a themed atmosphere with activities, fun, and excellent prize give-aways for all of our guests.

flowers carriagewheelsign

This year we went all out to showcase just how grand and spectacular our weddings can be. The catch? The wedding was for a garden gnome. Yes, a garden gnome. A confusing, some may say crazy, concept…but as it turns out, garden gnomes do know how to revel in grandeur. Many of the shots taken demonstrate the detail Gerry went to, and we’d love for any potential brides or grooms to take away from this a snapshot of how we do weddings here. Of course, there are a ton of pictures and testimonials from those who have had “real” weddings here, too, so don’t just take our word for it. Check them out on our website and Facebook feeds. Also, for those of you who are probably still confused or concerned about this gnome business, have a search for “Gerry the Garden Gnome” on Facebook and all will be revealed.


Our lovely guests who were fortunate enough to be able to attend the event will also be aware that one of the prize giveaways was for a photo competition. It’s now been almost two weeks since the wedding of the year, and we’ve had a slew of entries. The winner, announced only yesterday, was the wonderful Lewis Lee. Lewis went the extra mile, and not only took a bunch of great shots, but even put together a video compilation of the day. From all of us at Robertson Gardens, congratulations to Lewis, and a massive thank-you to all others who contributed to the event and participated in the fun.

photoprize1 LewisLeeWinner


Our Wedding Pages:



Gerry: https://www.facebook.com/GerryGardenGnome

Lewis’ Video: https://youtu.be/MeB5HDo5aHY



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